It’s time to go try these incredible donuts. Just this past week, we used their many options and coffee for an early morning meeting. It was the best choice we made all year. You can get all kinds of icing choices, like maple, chocolate, maybe just regular style if that’s your thing. Here is where it gets better – You have maybe 8 or 10 choices or toppings that an artist will add right on top of each donut. Here is where it gets even better – You can choose any or all of them, not just one. Some people don’t know this, so I am here as a Public Service Announcer to tell you.

“Please choose more than one topping for your Zombie Donut!!” You will thank me later. The bacon, peanut, and maple is good. So is Fruity pebbles, bacon, sprinkles, and strawberry icing. Or maybe get Bacon, coconut, and chocolate. I wish I had a good calculator to figure out the polynomial of choices, but it must be somewhere over 20,000 options. The picture is one I plagerized, and should have taken one of the last options I used, but hey, they don’t sit in that box long enough for a photo.

If you eat breakfast many days a week, just like I do, then this should be your next stop.

PS – Try the Bacon!

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