Now often referred to as “The Athens Real Estate Man!”

First to note – The market is HOT all over the Athens and Atlanta area. Spring and Summer are going to be great for both sides. Yes it is time to Sell or Buy a home.

• My quick history •

Began my Real Estate education on the job, helping a friend’s father, back in 1995, with maintenance and landscaping projects for his residential investment portfolio. Concentrated my college education on Real Estate at UGA one of the nation’s top RE schools, and graduated in 2001. I have done it all with regards to real estate – Was a loan officer, worked with an apartment developer, and as a hands on Property Manager renovating and leasing rental houses and small multifamily. Licensed in 2009, then moved to Athens in early 2011 to work with Athens #1 Foreclosure Sales company, Athena Real Estate Group, and also Whitworth Land Corp which specializes in Commercial Real Estate.

♦ Since moving to Athens I have helped people buy and sell over 200 properties.♦

♦ Now working with an investment company called Tucker Capital Group♦

Hang my license with an incredible brokerage here in Athens only called Greater Athens Properties. 

  • You may call me for any questions about real estate or investing anywhere in Atlanta to Athens.
  • I am an investor myself, not just in residential but Self-Storage, which in my opinion is the “easiest and best” cash flow in real estate
  • I have worked with numerous Buyers, Sellers, First Time Investors and out-of-state Transplants.
  • I understand the market from your standpoint and can help you find get the best property for you. If you aren’t familiar with what to do once you own an investment, I will gladly assist in managing.
  • **If you don’t want to do any work, I have a Contractor to do all the repairs, and basically let you sit back and start making money. That is what TURN KEY is supposed to be!
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